Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Burger King

Well Makayla's meeting went well. The teacher, James and I figured out a few ways to keep her on task. Hopefully, she will do better. She is very smart and is pulling a me. I used to to the same things she is doing. Her problem is, she gets bored with her work since it is to easy for her. Well she can't move on to harder things unless the teacher knows she can do the work. I know why she does it. It is because, if she is having a day when she doesn't feel like doing much, she can breeze through it. Like Mom said, I need to think back from when I was that age and figure out a way to get her to do the work. She just had a list of 57 words she needs to know. This child can read pretty well and knows all of the words on that list. But she wont let the teacher know she knows them. I explained to her teacher what she was doing and we all decided to make it a game for her. If it is a game, she will do it with no problem. I guess I will find out later if any of the things we talked about will work.

After the meeting, we all went to Burger King. It was a reward for Makayla having two good days at school. Of course I had to take my knitting. I am half way done with the first Monkey sock. I like going to Burger King because, it is not as crowded as McDonald's. There were only three other people in the play area. They all looked at me like I was crazy for knitting, but oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey Pal,

Mmmm, BK rocks for the kiddies. Our little guys love that place. Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and I'm working on your Monkeys and have some other fun goodies I can't wait to send.

Have a great rest of the week!

Your Monkey Pal