Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another House Showing

Last night, realtor Brian called and asked if they could show the house this morning around 9. I told him I really didn't care, but they had to deal with the morning rush and how lovely I look. I also told realtor Brian they could come about 9:15 so that gives me enough time to get to the house from the bus stop. So before I left, I put both dogs in the house. The reason I did this was because, I knew it was the dickhead from the other day coming to look at the house again. I told Paul ( his little girl rides the bus with Makayla) about all the fun I have been having with selling my house. So I told him how I put both dogs in the house. He asked me why,and I told him I knew I wouldn't be able to walk down the street fast enough to meet the dickhead at the house. I also knew they would be early. For some reason, when people show my house, they either don't call or they just walk in my house without knocking.

Anyways, I saw the realtor lady and the dickhead show up at the house at 8:55. But this time dickhead brought someone with him. I kept watching what they were doing. So since Paul has the same sense of humor that I do, this was entertainment for us. The girls got on the bus and as we were walking back, we saw that they just walked in the house. Soon enough about a minute later they come running out. Paul and I were laughing so hard I think we about both peed our pants. We were across the street from his house when he said," You are awesome! I think that is the best thing I have seen since I moved on this street." I was only a house away when I said to the dickhead and realtor lady, " I guess that will teach you to knock and not walk into some body's house huh." They swore up and down that they knocked. So I told them I saw that they didn't knock because, if they did they would have heard my dogs bark at them and they wouldn't have just walked in.

So they went through my house with a fine tooth comb. I just sat knitting my sock watching TV with Bryanna. They wrote down all kinds of things on their papers. I think dickhead flipper is going to buy my house. The guy who he brought with him was nice. He shook my hand and treated me with respect. I think that guy was some sort of contractor. So I only talked to him. I told him all the updates that we did and answered any question he had.

I know it seams that I don't want to sell my house, I really don't. But I got a bad deal and I need to get out of it. Everyone who has come to see my house has either been rude or nasty. So since I knew this guy was rude and nasty I had to teach him a lesson. I even told realtor Brian how I felt about the guy. He didn't seem to care, his thoughts are if that people really want to buy my house they will weather I'm nice or not. Come on for 68,9k what do you expect. He even said " It's not like they are buying the Taj Mahal, what they see is what they get."

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