Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Daddy Drama and Other Drama

Well Devin is in jail. To bring ya'll up to date, Devin went coo-coo for coco puffs a little over a week ago. It was almost like something that happens in a movie. Ami and Devin go into a huge fight, over him not having a job and not wanting to be an adult. He pushed Ami and he head butted her or something. ( there are always three sides to every story) He left and tried to break into his Dad's apartment to get a gun and kill himself. ( I was told he was going to kill Ami, Landen, Makayla and himself. How crazy he is I believe that.) So Ami went to the police station and filed a restraining order and blah blah blah. So a warrant for his arrest was put out. He went to a friend's house and they drove him to the Mental Hospital. He was in the loony bin for over a week. They let him out Tuesday. Ami went and picked him up. ( So she is taking his crazy ass back. Dumb bitch!) So she told him to turn his self in. He went to the police station. They arrested him and then released him. They went to his court preliminary hearing yesterday. He has another court date set for his sentence for his crime later, I don't know when. I didn't ask and I don't care.

Last night, James told him about a job ( James is on Devin's side and doesn't think he is crazy or worthless.) and I was supposed to watch Landen today while Devin went to this job and Ami went to work. James' truck ran out of gas this morning so I went to rescue him. Well his windshield wipers broke to, so I drove him to work. Devin was supposed to be at this new job by 9 o'clock. After I dropped James off at work, I get home and Ami calls me. She tells me when he was on his way to work they pulled him over and his is in jail. So that is all I know so far about the Baby Daddy Drama.

Then James's friend Jeremy stole his girlfriend's car and went on a crack binge. So she is has been calling James to fix her problems with Jeremy for the past 3 days. Jeremy helped James on a side job and James was supposed to pay him today. She told James not to pay him since he took off and over drew his account for $500. Then I guess last night she met up with him at a hotel to get her car back. I guess he was keeping her in this hotel because he is cracked out. So on our way to take James to work he calls her. I guess she is back home with her car.

I just want to know, why do all these stupid fucking people try and drag US into their problems? Yea, I care about the Devin thing because, it involves Makayla. But the Jeremy thing? Who gives a shit. We are almost 30 years old and Jeremy is still doing stupid shit. I asked James why he thinks it's his problem. He told me it was because Jeremy is his friend and he needs help. Well you can't help someone who doesn't want it! This is not the first time he has taken off with his girlfriend's car. That job James told Devin about, that was Jeremy's job. James for some reason thinks it's his responsibility to help all these dumb fuckers. It just makes me sooo fucking mad. And everyone wonders why I hardly talk to people. THIS IS WHY!!!!

We are getting to old for this stupid shit! I just want a normal life and normal things to happen. I don't want to be around people who are going to kill their families or crack heads. So when James gets home tonight, we are going to have a long talk about him trying to "Save" everyone and getting in the middle of every one's problems.

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OMG! are you sure you dont live in Paradise?