Friday, September 28, 2007

What a Day

Well I had a ton of things I had to get done today. First, I mailed a package to each of my Pals. So I mailed one for my Monkey Sock Pal, Secret Pal 11, and my Vegan Pal. Then I had to mail another secret package to someone. ( I can't say or it wont be a secret. Because some people who read this blog, will know the secret.)

Then I went and paid all the monthly bills. Then I went to the store to get food for the week. After I went home and put it all away, it was lunch time. So I took the girls to Burger King. That was about a stupid idea. I forgot that since all of Huber Heights didn't have school today, most of those kids were there. Let me tell ya, that was not fun at all. After the girls ate they went and played with the other two dozen kids. After about 20 minutes, some of the parents and their kids started to leave. I couldn't help but notice at least 5 kids should have had their little butts busted for their actions. The one that really stuck out was this woman and her two little boys, one was about 2 and the other was 8 or 9. Well the older of the boys kicked Bryanna in the head. So she comes over crying and telling me what happened. I walked Bryanna over to the Mom and told her what happened. She is one of those, oh he never does anything wrong types. She had him tell Bryanna he was sorry. Okay that problem is solved, almost.

No more than 5 minutes later Bryanna comes out crying again telling me that, the same boy kicked her and then smacked her. Oh it is on now. So I once again went to the Mom and told her she needs to deal with that bully kid of hers. She ends up rounding up the two boys to leave. That same boy threw a tantrum. He hit, smacked, bit, punched, kicked, cussed and spit on his Mom! WHAT THE HELL!! I'm sorry if my kids ever spit on me, I would knock the hell out of them. The whole time he was doing this she calmly kept saying, " I'm sorry sweet heart but we have to go." I just wanted to go and tell that lady she needs to grow some balls and deal with that little brat. After 15 minutes of her kid being a little asshole she says, " Okay you can go back and play, I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings buy telling you it was time to leave. Go have fun!" OMG!!!! Then this kid seeks out Bryanna and kicks her again, knocks her down and then jumps on her. After I saw that, that was it! I sat Bryanna down and gave her the rest of my drink. I walked over to that lady and went off on her. That whole play area was full of people and their kids. I pretty much told that lady if she didn't take care of her little brat that was being a bully to the other kids, I would. ( What I said was really, really bad and I was so mad it all just came out of my mouth. But that was the jest of what I said.) Buy this time all of the other 10 or so parents had, had it with that brat. I guess one of the Managers saw me yelling at this lady and came to see what the problem was. One of the other Mothers in there told the Manager what had happened. So that lady got kicked out of Burger King because of her little brat because, of how he was acting and he was way to big to be in the play area.

What ever happened to the good old days when you could spank your kid in public? I know that statement might have pissed a few of you off, but come on. Some times a time out just isn't enough. ( There is a difference between spanking and beating.) Now that kid needed to be spanked. That Mother needed to grow some balls and let the kid know that he was not the one in charge. I'm not into the peace loving, oh honey you can have and do what ever you want type of parent. I'm sorry I think that is what's wrong with kids today. Kids don't know how to respect people and the parents got sucked into that crap. If I ever spit, kicked, punched, bit, cussed or smacked my Mom, I would get the shit knocked out of me. But like I said, that was back in the good old days when you could do that with out going to jail for spanking your kid.( read above comment) Well that is just my opinion on that, and I know my opinions piss people off. So don't go writing a comment on how my parenting views are barbaric or some crap like that. If your kids ever did crap like that to you what would you do? But what if you never spanked your kids for that type of action and they kept on treating you like that, then what?

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