Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weird People

I just came from Hobby Lobby since they are having a 50% off sale on all kinds of notions. So I had to get more needles and stuff. Anyways, as I was standing in a VERY long line, I starting thinking about how people are weird. A few days ago I was in a check cashing place paying my phone bill when this lady out of no ware asks me a question. Here is how the conversation went...

Weird lady: " Oh My God! Where did you get your hair dyed at? I just love that color. What color is it so I can get my hair dyed that color?"

Me looking at the lady like she is crazy: " Um, I got it done by Genetics. And I have know idea what to call this color, maybe dark blond light brown with a little red mixed in."

Weird Lady: " Genetics? Is that a salon?"

Me trying not to laugh: " It's not a salon. You know genetics, like DNA from my parents."

Weird Lady: " Oh I'm sorry I thought it was a new age salon."

Well the lady left and I finished paying my phone bill and the girl behind the counter was laughing the whole time. She said," I almost peed my pants. Now that woman does not need to dye her hair any more, I think all the dye got to her brain."

So as I was thinking of that and it made me laugh. You know when you remember something funny you laugh out loud. Well I was by myself and I laughed out loud. So now I feel like one of those weird people. So the person in front of me turned and gave me a odd look. So I said, " what? I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing at something the weird lady said to me." Okay by now that guy thinks I'm crazy and I laugh at invisible people. So knowing me, I start talking to myself. (Trust me this line was really long and I had been standing in line for over 15 minutes and I wasn't even half way there.) I also hate when people get in line behind you and they are like 2 inches away from you. I like my space people! So the guy in front of me moves up a little from me. I moved a little to get some space between the lady behind me. Well she moves up to. And she was so close I could feel her body heat! Well I just had to bring out the invisible cell phone. So I had a fake fight with the invisible person on my invisible cell phone. I was hoping she would notice that I was crazy and back off. She didn't. So then I was talking to my invisible kids. So I said, " leave that nice lady's cart alone! People don't like it when you touch their stuff! Now get over here and stand next to me and don't touch anything!" ( I acted like the girls were with me.) I think the lady got the point and she backed waaay off. By this time I had been standing in line for 25 minutes. ( they only had one cashier working) Well now I know how to get people not to stand so damn close to me in line.

I usually don't talk to myself. I just thought since they thought I was already crazy, why not roll with it. So I guess today has been really fun. Other than that, I started knitting a hat for Makayla for school. I know it's August, but I also have to knit a hat for Bryanna. Then they both want scarves. So I'm hoping I can get that all done before it gets cold out. Plus I have 2 different pairs of socks still on the needles. Then there are the 2 quilts I need to make. I need to get on the ball and finish these projects.

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