Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well Happy Birthday to me. I almost forgot today was my birthday. I hope that's not a sign of getting old! Well next year, I will be the last year I will ever see my 20's again. My 20's have been pretty good. There were a few things I missed out on that I wished I did. I wised I had been smarter and went to college. I have always wanted to do the "Spring Break" thing. I guess that's a good thing that I didn't do the spring break thing. I probably would have ended up on Girls Gone Wild.

It doesn't even seem like I'm 28. It feels like only a couple years ago I just graduated high school. Man does time really sneak up on you! I'm actually looking forward to my 30's. Yeah, I say that now, by the time I'm 38 I'll be saying " holy shit! When did I get this old?"

Why is it when you are a kid, you can't wait for your birthday? But when you are an adult, your like shit! It's my birthday! But when you are a kid and it's your birthday, it feels like a special day and you have all that excitement running through your body. And your like ' yeah! it's my birthday!' Then when you are an adult, your birthday feels like just another day. But all the excitement is gone. I want that feeling that it's a special day. I think next year, I'll get up really early go over to my Mom's house and run in her bedroom and jump on her bed and yell " It's my birthday! Wa-hoo!" and run out like I did when I was a kid. I think she will like that. ( hee hee hee)


Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday!

30s are not that bad, I'll see you here soon enough!

J.P. said...

I agree with Yvonne. 30s aren't bad.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you had a great day!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope the coming year will be a good one for you,in health and prosperity.

Carolyn said...

Don't wait too long to jump on my bed and wake me up like you use to.You may end up pulling, twisting, or breaking something, like- ummmmmmm yourself!