Thursday, August 16, 2007

Toilet 101

It seems today was the day for a toilet disaster. I woke up at my usual time and started my day like any other. But by 9 o'clock we had a toilet disaster. (I guess Makayla knocked the Cling-On toilet bowl thing in the toilet and then flushed with out knowing what she did. I didn't know that is what was the big clog.) All I know is, I was knitting my Monkey Socks and drinking my coffee, when she told me the toilet was clogged.

So I went in to plunge it. It was really clogged. So I continued to plunge the toilet for a long time. I plunged the toilet so long, I now have a blister on the palm of my hand. All day I would go in and plunge and nothing would happen.

By 7 o'clock at night I got pissed off. (Usually James takes care of this, but he is working a side job this whole week.) James came home from work and I told him the problem. He went in and tried and he was the one who figured out what the clog was. He said he didn't have time to fix it so I would just have to wait. I couldn't wait. So around 7 o'clock I went to Lowes and bought 2 wax toilet rings.

I got all the water out of the toilet and took the damn thing apart. What a big fucking mess! I tried using a coat hanger at both ends and that didn't work. I greased up my hand to see if I could get it in far enough to fix the problem, that didn't work. It just so happens my Dad was in town and he came over just as I was throwing tools and cussing like a sailor. I told him the problem. He went in and looked. ( He is not a very good fix it man. He usually fucks it up more.) I figured he couldn't do any worse. I sat down and chatted a little with the Step-Mom for a bit. As I was about to kick the old man out of the bathroom he comes out. In his hand he has that stupid Cling-On toilet thing! I asked him how he got it out. He told me he stuck the plunger handle up the bottom of the toilet and it popped out the bowl. Now if I wasn't such a blonde, I probably would have figured that out.

So after cleaning up all the water and the rest of the nasty wax from the old ring, I put that stupid toilet back together. Of course the old man stood and told me how to do it. I'm pretty mechanically inclined. I fix cars for Pete's sake! Putting a toilet back together is easy. Well after the yelling at each other, the toilet works and doesn't leak. YAY ME!

The lesson for the day is, I can't use those stupid Cling-On toilet things any more. That and I am going to make sure no contraband goes into the bathroom with the girls, so I don't have to do that ever again. I will also lock up all and anything small enough to fit into the toilet.

What a day!

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