Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodies, Goodies

Well I just made a few stitch markers for my Monkey Sock Pal. I found the cutest little monkey charms. So I just had to make stitch markers out of them. I looked around for a few more Monkey things, but I couldn't really find anything. I guess I will have to go looking some more tomorrow.

I did get a few things for my Secret Pal. I found this really neat fabric that I think she will like. I might even make her something out of it, who knows. I got a few skeins of yarn for her also.

As for my Vegan Pal, I don't know who he/she is yet, so I couldn't really get anything. But my main goal for today was to get a few things for each of my pals.

Now I'm trying to find a neat pattern for socks. I have made 2 pairs of Monkey Socks. I made the Broad ripple Socks. I just don't feel like making plain jane socks right now. So I think that's what I will be doing until the pizza gets here, look for a sock pattern that I like.

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