Friday, August 24, 2007

How Hot Is It?

Well according to Makayla as she was getting off the bus yesterday, " Mommy, it's frickin' hot!"

So far the past two days, kids have been getting out of school 2 hours early because of the heat. So I have been packing an extra juice in Makayla's lunch for the bus ride home. But today, she wants to buy her lunch. I think she just wants to get chocolate milk. I tried to explain that I could give her money to buy the chocolate milk, but oh well. She will figure out how bad the food is.

When I went to school, I never remember them letting us out early because of heat. I also remember going out for recess when it was soo cold, you would have snotcicles. I guess now a days, it's all about kids safety. Where the hell were those people at when I was little? Like I never had to ware a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads when I rode my bike. You just learned not to fall off as much with out the padding.

Okay, I know times have changed and it seems there are more crazy people out there now. But when I was out yesterday, I saw these two little girls, oh I'd say about 7, maybe 8 years old. Walking along a very busy street, with no parents in sight! WHAT THE HELL!!! Okay when I was that age, I remember walking with the neighborhood kids 2 blocks away to the convience store. For one that same road was not as busy as it is today. An two, where the hell are their parents!? I know I would not let Makayla and Bryanna walk along that busy road at that age, let alone go with out me with all the kidnappers and sex offenders out there. So I checked here to see how many were in the area of where those girls were walking. I guess it's different now that people know where the sex offenders are. All I had to worry about was some weirdo in a car offering me candy. I didn't know where they lived at. Now that I know where the sicko's are, it's scary.


Anonymous said...

Yes, now adays you really can't take an eye of the little ones even in their own backyards.

Hope your weekend goes great and I sent a card which may be in the spam folder.

happy knitting! Your Monkey Pal

Anonymous said...

Woot! You received it, I checked the wrong email, lol.

Have a good weekend, your Monkey Pal.

J.P. said...

I have been thinking about this kind of stuff a lot. The world just kinda stinks these days. Ugh.