Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Word of the Day is " REDNECK HILLBILLY"

Well we got a new toilet today. The old one was one of the first " low-flow" toilets and it didn't work for some reason. We replaced all the insides but it still didn't work.

So the old one was just sitting outside waiting to go to the dump. Well before we moved out of the house, I wanted to piss off the neighbors across the street one last time. I think this will do it.

I have always wanted to do this to my yard just for that reason. I planned on painting it green and painting flowers on it. James thinks I'm stupid and it will cause the city to send us a letter about the "nuisance" on our property. Oh well, if I get a letter James can smash it up like he wanted to. We both win that way. I planted flowers in it and he gets to smash it up later.

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J.P. said...

I love this! Such a fun thing to do..