Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mesh Bag

Well here is the front part of my Mesh Bag I am making for shopping. I am sick of plastic bags every ware. The paper bags are okay, but they still rip and then all your stuff goes every ware. So I am making my own shopping bags.

I'm making it in 2 pieces. Well 3 if you count the strap. In the picture its upside down, but you get the point. I was looking into buying the canvas re-usable bags, but they want $25 or more for one of them. I can make one bag for $1.50. Plus I can make it any size I want.

Little by little I'm trying to get this house as "green" as I can. I'm going to go buy a can crusher so we can crush soda cans and take them to be recycled. I have even looked at a Geo-Thermal heating and cooling system. Plus an " on demand" water heater. I am getting sick of using natural gas and with how prices are going I'll freeze in the winter soon.

As for my car, well.... I would like to buy a hybrid, but I don't have the money for it. But I don't drive my car unless I have to so that helps a little. I'm trying to cut the waste in this house in half. I hardly buy paper towels, but I can not go with out the T.P! Sorry folks I don't plan on using my hand to wipe with anytime soon. I'm trying to do my part in saving the planet.

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