Saturday, June 09, 2007

Let the Moving Begin

Well last night was a busy night. We put some things into storage and took a truck load of junk to the dump. Actually it wasn't that bad. We had a few friends over and drank some beer and moved our shit. Here is one of the drunk friends this morning on my couch. When I went to bed there was nobody on my couch. Well, I guess this one forgot where he lives and came here. That's really going to be bad when we move and he tries to come in this house when other people are living here.
Other than the sea of boxes in my living room, the house is pretty much cleaned out. All but the stuff that is necessary to live. Now I gotta go through all the kids toys and throw away all the broken ones. Then I gotta put the rest into boxes. Not to mention all of James' shit in the garage and shed.
The storage unit is only 1/4 the way full right now. How it's looking, we can put the whole house into it and still have enough room. We got a 10x15 unit. It's supposed to be for a small apartment, but I think we can fit a 3 bedroom house into it. All those years of playing Tetris will pay off. See Mom, I wasn't wasting my time, Tetris came in handy unlike Algebra or Trig.

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