Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ho Hum

I am having knitters block right now. I don't know what to knit. I don't know if I should start a new project yet or not. Since we are in the middle of moving, I don't want to start something that will get lost. I have been thinking about what to knit for a few days now. I guess I can look through my wip bag to see what I can finish. I think I have two different socks and that messenger bag still in there. But I'm not in a sock kinda mood right now. I don't know, it's 8:30 in the morning so I really can't think right now.

I should be more worried about packing up more stuff to put into storage, but I need a little break from that right now. That's what I have been doing all week, is going through my crap and packing up stuff. I'm about to say fuck it and just put everything in garbage bags to get it over with. I do know there will be a lot of trips to the dump this weekend. I'm not even counting the stuff in the house that is useless. James has half a garage and the whole shed to clean out. He won't let me go clean them out because, I will take everything and throw it away. I think most of his stuff is junk anyway. He is like every other man, his theory is if its free it's good enough for me. I haven't even looked in the shed for a few months, so I don't know what he is hiding in there. Oh and then there is the attic. Mostly it's Christmas stuff, but most of it is Mom's stuff. I know she don't have room for it at her house so, I guess I'll have to make a little spot in the storage unit for her things.

We start showing the house on Monday. So that means I have to get rid of half the stuff in the house and clean it top to bottom. I haven't done much cleaning in the past week because, I have things in piles all over the place. I have things in boxes in different rooms. I also have bags of clothes that need to go to Goodwill. Not to mention bags of trash and things that are useless or broken. All the bags of trash are in pool table room. This house isn't really big enough to get things organized. So it's a big mess right now.

Yesterday we went and looked at a few places. I did see this really neat house in West Milton. It wont be ready for a month or so, but that's about how long it will take to move everything out. James saw a little bungalow type house in Brookville. It was a newer house just built this year. It was in a very nice neighborhood, but it looked kinda small. Plus the house in West Milton will let us take Sheeba and the cat. We can't take Hunter with us. He is an outside dog. If Jim would have worked with him more when he was a puppy, then he could have been an inside dog. I have been working with that dog for over a year to get him house trained. Hunter just likes to be outside. I asked a few of my friends to see if they would take him, but the only one who said yes was my cousin Sean. I might put and ad in the paper for him. But Jim said when he comes to Ohio to visit, he wants to be able to see Hunter. So that's another problem I have to deal with. Moving is a pain in the ass.

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