Monday, June 04, 2007

Fun Weekend Wedding

( These pictures aren't in order but hey, I'm doing my best keeping things in order.)

This is at the end of the night. Makayla had to have one last dance. They were doing a great Hoe Down before. I guess they had to slow it down for a slow song. This picture is so cute. I tried to get a picture of them doing the Hoe Down but, it didn't turn out with them moving so much.

Here is my cousin Sean and Tracy. I think Sean had the most fun of all. He was doing the Hoe Down! I don't know how many times he pulled me on the floor. I just couldn't Hoe Down with him, because he was making me laugh soo much. Then Bryanna saw me dancing and she wanted to dance to. So I danced with her for a few songs. The Bluegrass Band they had was really good. Everyone loved the music.

Here is Gracie, Bryanna, Leah, Makayla, and Olivia. My cousin Lori got married this weekend. So this gave Makayla and Bryanna a chance to play with their girl cousins. I feel bad for Gracie. She is the only girl her family. She has two older brothers and they don't like to play barbies or tea party with her. She had a blast with the girls.

Makayla and Bryanna had tons of fun at the wedding. Bryanna really liked Olivia. She was always worried about where Olivia was and what she was doing. It took a while, but Olivia warmed up and played right along with Bryanna and Makayla.

Leah was the princess of the day. She looked so cute in her flower girl dress. I know she couldn't wait to take it off and go play with the rest of the cousins. Leah and Olivia could have stayed all day playing with everyone. But the wedding had to come to an end some time. By the end of the night all the kids were running on empty. The wedding was held about a 5 minute drive from my house. So from there to my house both girls were asleep.

Everyone had fun at the wedding. Where they had the wedding was awesome. It was on 5+ acres and it was all fenced in. So the kids just ran and ran all over playing. There was enough beer and stuff to make your liver shut down. Then Uncle J.D was up at 4 in the morning cooking 3 pigs for the party. The food was great and the cake was really good. James didn't make it to the wedding. We ate at Friday's and he got some bad food or something. That and the night before the kid across the street graduated from high school. So James had to get drunk with him. I guess it was best he stayed home then, because I really didn't want to take home a drunk husband. With two very tired kids and a drunk husband I don't think I could have been able to handle that. But I'm glad that the girls had a chance to play with their cousins. They don't get to many chances to see them.

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