Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Secret Pal

Well my Secret Pal spoiler bailed on me, so I have a new Secret Pal. That kinda makes me mad. If you don't want to do the Secret Pal thing, or if something happens, let the hostess know. There are rules to the Secret Pal thing when you sign up. It just irks me.

Well I have been in contact with my new Secret Pal. She seems really nice. And she is really excited about doing the Secret Pal thing. Just for being cool I might get her address and send her something for all the crap we both have been through.

I still haven't mailed out my package yet for my Secret Pal. I am so lazy some times. Well no strike that. I have so much shit to do. I have to make sure the girls and James are happy and have the things they need done before I can do my stuff. I sware if I don't get it out by Wednesday, I'll have to send an extra little thing to her for my laziness.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and hope that your new SP is going to work out. I am putting your package together for KTE and hope you like what I have picked out. I have so much fun putting packages together for my Secret Pals. I think I remember you saying that cucumber or mellon was your favorite scent. Are there any others? Are you an avid quilter and what are your favorite prints in fabric? I quilt also and between yarn and fabric, I don't know what I spend the most on. I really liked your hand dyed yarn. I bought some to try, but haven't had the time so far. Take care and I will contact you more later.
Knitters Treat Exchange Secret Pal

Yosemite said...

I know how you feel. The same thing happened to me. This is my first SP and I was really disappointed my SP bailed on me. My new partner is great. She emails me all the time. I am enjoying sending my things to the person I am spoiling. I suppose it happens and that's why there are backups.