Friday, April 20, 2007

Yarn Store

This is what I got today at the yarn store. Yesterday was James and mine 3 year wedding anniversary. So for my anniversary gift, I got yarn. James got a front end for his truck. We are soo redneck like. While I was at the yarn store, I had to look at all the new items. I found a few that I want to get on a future visit.

I took Bryanna with me to the store. She likes Deb a lot. The only reason is, she gives her candy. Bryanna helped me use the winder and the swift for the two hanks I bought. She wound the two balls all by herself. Well I had to un-tangle it a few times, but she did a really good job. Now I think I will have to buy a winder and a swift. Using the kitchen chair gets kind of monotonous after 10 minutes. I told James that I wanted a winder and a swift for my birthday, he asked me how much they are. I told him for the winder it's about $40 and the swift any ware between $50-$200. He asked to see a picture of them, and he said " Well hell, I can make that." OMG! I am very afraid of how he will make them. Some how I'm thinking he will make it so I have to use a drill for the winding part. He is a jack of all trades but a master of one. And the one is installing flooring.

Well I am half way done with the bottom part strappy thing. It's 30 inches long. As I was looking at the pattern 74" is really long for someone who is as short as I am. I'm only 61" tall. So I'm going to cut down the size to 60". It feels like I have been working on this one part for over a month. That's probably why I did this part first, it's the longest part.

I'm off to finish the last 30" of the bottom strappy thing.
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