Monday, April 23, 2007

Funny Girls

Saturday Mom and I took the girls to Carriage Hill park for the day. Carriage Hill is a local old farm from the 1800's, and it is still in working order. It is a really neat place to spend the day. Well Mom wanted to practice a little more with her new kick ass camera, and take a few pictures of the girls and the farm.

Both of the girls were going in two different directions. Bryanna wanted to see the sheep, and Makayla wanted to see the "king turkey". Mom had a very hard time getting the girls to stand still long enough to take a few pictures. She showed me one of Bryanna that was so cute. She is really photogenic. Makayla on the other had is a ham for the camera. I think in a former life she was a model or and actress.

They both had a blast that day. Well we had to take Bryanna home, since she didn't want to listen very well. After we took Bryanna home Mom, Makayla and I went to Charleston Falls. That is another awesome place to go. Well This place has a natural water fall, trails that go around little mountain of rock that forms the water fall. Not to mention all the neat little places to have a picnic or the little cave you can go inside. The bad thing is, the water fall is about dried up. When I was in high school it was a big water fall, now it's down to a small area of water. Actually there were two different water falls. One is completely dried up and now you can climb up it to get to the top of the trail where the big water fall begins.

I was talking to Mom and she remembered how it was different almost 20 years ago. She also said I should have taken pictures all these years to show how much water has been lost. It's a shame that people want big fancy houses, but they don't realize that they are fucking up our natural resources. Well I just sounded high and mighty, but I'm not tearing down wildlife areas to build strip malls and housing developments. I think this weekend I am going to start taking pictures of the falls. I want my girls to see all the neat things nature has to offer.

So Saturday was a really fun day. Well the funniest thing Makayla said was " I just heard that chicken fart."

Then Bryanna thought it was the funniest thing to hear a sheep go baa baaa. Every time that sheep went baa baa she laughed like she was going to pee her pants.

Well I don't know if Makayla was just hearing things or if chickens really can fart. I guess that is a case for Unsolved Mysteries.

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