Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Day Ahead

Well, after I take my shower and give the girls a bath my day will begin. I have so much to do today. After I put Makayla on the bus, I'm going to the post office and mailing out my Secret Pal package. Then, I have to go to the store and get food for the week. After that, I have to go get tags for James' piece of crap truck. After that, I have to go to the auto parts store and get sway bar bushings for my car since they both broke this week. I have to put those on, then I am doing a tune up on the "Old Man". Plus I have to clean the house, do laundry and maybe I will have a few minutes to knit, before I have to get James from work.

On Saturday James and I are going to look at a house that is closer to his work, and it's out in BFE. The house is bigger than ours and is cheaper. It's a fixer upper but only minor things. It's in the country close to friends of ours. They live in Jefferson Township. So that means, no city taxes and James can act like he lives in Kentucky. Well he acts like that here, but the city doesn't like it. I have been on his ass about his messes outside of the house. And once again, WE got a letter, well I got the letter since the house is in my name. For some strange reason, he doesn't like to keep trash cans in the garage. When I was growing up, that's where you put your trash cans. He likes to have them on the side of the house, so birds, cats and dogs can get into them. Plus not to mention all his truck parts and what ever else he can't clean up on the side of the house.

So if everything goes well, and we get this house, I won't have to worry about letters or anything like that anymore. Another plus to that house, there is plenty of room for the dogs to run and the girls. It's not on a busy street, like the one we live on. So the girls can go outside and play with out me worrying about them getting hit by a car going 50 in a 25 down my street.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I tried to send you an email card and it came back...I am so sorry. I guess your email address was typed incorrectly when they assigned you to me. Anyway I just wanted to wish you a good weekend with lots of knitting and fun. I am having so much fun putting your package together. Will mail it soon.
Take care and be good to yourself!
Your Knitters Treat Secret Pal