Saturday, March 03, 2007

100 things continued

71. I am picky about the yarn I knit with
72. I hate to leave things unfinished
73. I like fruity smells
74. I love hot and spicy cheese its
75. I am a cat person over a dog person
76. I like my dogs even though they are annoying
77. I don't like any teams in the NFL
78. My favorite color is gray
79. I like the smell of lemon
80. I love to sleep when it is cold
81. I sleep with 4 blankets and I only use one
82. before I go to sleep I have to situate my pillows and blankets
83. I still jump on my bed
84. I listen to 90's music
85. I don't like it when people pop their neck in front of me
86. I would rather use real butter than that fake come in a tub crap
87. I can't wash my hands unless the faucet is clean
88. I don't like the smell of baby wipes
89. I would like to live in the country
90. I would like to live in the mountains
91. I hate snow
92. Fall is my favorite season
93. I still sleep with my baby blanket
94. I like to go to museums
95. I like to look at old pictures
96. I think my house is to small
97. I am a sloppy writer
98. I know to many useless facts
99. I still love grilled cheese and tomato soup
100. I am surprised I thought of 100 things to write about

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