Monday, March 05, 2007

Renovation part 2

Well this weekend James put in my new kitchen floor, for the second time. The first time he put the laminate down, our kitchen had a flood. Well it was the laundry room that had the flood, but it crept into the kitchen and hallway. So we had to rip all the flooring out and all the base cabinets, and all the flooring in the hallway. So, I am just waiting on my upper cabinets . Right now I have a half assed kitchen.

This weekend I am picking up a fridge and a stove from my aunt. I like getting things from her. Half of the things she gets rid of are almost new. I got a couch from her 4 years ago that was white, but it lasted us 4 years with two little kids. The cool thing is, my fridge is missing the handle to open it. Makayla some how broke the handle off of it. The stove she is giving me is a glass top stove. I like the glass top stoves better. I think they are easier to clean.

The stove I have now Step Dad bought it for Mom when her stove went out. I think when that stove went out, the only thing that worked on it was the timer! So for a few months, we had to use a toaster oven to cook food. I thought that was neat to see how many things you could make in a toaster oven. Don't get me wrong there isn't anything wrong with the stove. I just don't like to keep cleaning the little doo da's that are under the burners. Then you have to buy new ones every so often. Plus when James decides to cook, he can't clean up after himself. Then I have know idea what he cooked in the oven. Whatever it was, is really, really burnt on the bottom. I have put it on self clean 4 times. I bought that oven cleaner stuff and still that stuff is still stuck on the bottom. Now I think I'm just going to have to get the hammer and chisel out.

So slowly but surly my house is coming together. Next is putting new flooring in my bedroom. James bought new doors for inside the house. I think that is his next project, he will half ass and only do a few then wait a year to finish it. This is why I am convinced he has ADD. Then he said we are going to put a new roof on the house this summer. I know I will have to help him with that, because I really don't want a half assed roof. Plus he wants to put new windows in. He is reading up on how to do-it-yourself. I just hope to God, that I can hire someone to do it before he does put them in. He is a jack of all trades but a master of few, and windows isn't one of them.
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Anonymous said...

yeah well why dont you get off your ass and help or youknow at least show some kind of respect for him he is your husband and you do say you love him funny way of showing it