Thursday, March 01, 2007

100 things about me

here are my 100 things about me

1. I love to knit
2. I have two little girls that drive me up the wall sometimes
3. my husband is the biggest kid in the house
4. I love to play pool
5. I have 2 big stupid black labs
6. I have a cat that I am convinced is the reincarnation of my old cat
7. Everything has to be even, this is why I am convinced I have ocd
8. I can pick things up with my toes
9. I am best friends with my baby's daddy's baby's mother ( Jerry Springer I know)
10. I will eat anything fried
11. I hate stupid people
12. I love college football, GO AUBURN!
13. I love to bake anything
14. I love to cook a lot
15. I have an obsession with how thing feel. I have to feel everything
16. When I order out in a restaurant I take my food apart and put it where I think it belongs, mainly sandwiches. I get that from my sister
17. I am a picky eater when I go out to eat
18. I love to watch TV
19. I like to fix cars
20. I like to fix weird foods
21. I think my blood type is Mountain Dew
22. I am a caffeine addict
23. I tried the low carb diet and I missed bread to much
24. I am fat and I don't care, I like to eat food that tastes good
25. I hate people who don't eat
26. I can remember numbers. I still remember my best friend from first grade's phone number
27. I'd rather fold clothes than make the bed
28. I think its cute that my 4 year old likes to ware under ware and boots only
29. Jeopardy is my favorite game
30.The history channel is my favorite channel to watch
31. I hate wife beaters
32. Sometimes I think I have the mind of a man
33. If I have a scab I have to pick it. ( it's gross but hey it's part of the uneven thing)
34. I use duct tape as much as I can
35. I love to paint as long as hubby isn't around
36. I can't quit smoking and I hate it
37. I wish I never started smoking
38. I married my baby's daddy's best friend ( I know Jerry Springer)
39. I eat ice cream out of the carton
40. I love to dress up for Halloween
41. I like playing candy land with my kids
42. I am not a good twister player I'm to old to bend
43. I ware flip flops until the snow is deeper than my ankle
44. I still ware short is the winter
45. I still like to color in coloring books
46. I hate how the days fly by so fast
47. I don't like to talk on the phone
48. I love to fish
49. I like going camping
50. I like to watch fire burn wood
51. I am a bad gardener
52. I hate it when shit happens
53. I think cell phones are the devil
54. I hate traffic
55. I hate old lady drivers and their husbands
56. I say what's on my mind and I'm not afraid to give my honest opinion
57. I wish my sister lived closer
58. I wish my dad lived farther away
59. I have a good relationship with my mother
60. I am 364 days younger than my husband. ( his birthday is 8/14/78 and mine is 8/13/79)
61. I like to drink beer
62. I love to watch football
63. Bread is my favorite food
64. I love lots of butter on my bread
65. I hate the smell of fake orange
66. I like sweet things rather than savory
67. CSI is one of my favorite shows to watch
68. I am happy that my family isn't the typical family
69. I still watch Tom and Jerry
70. I hate soap operas

That's all for now I will have to get back to the rest later. Thinking of 100 things is hard.

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