Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weird Day

Well today was rather weird. I wake up around 8 o'clock. I walk into my kitchen in a half awake daze and I find my trash was dumped over. Trash was all over the place, from one end of the kitchen to the other. I think in a coffee deprived mind DAMN DOGS!!!

I figure I will have one cup before I even clean up the mess. Well Bryanna must of hear me yell damn dogs, because she was awake. She walks in to the kitchen and says " what the fuck?" Yes my 4 year old drops the f-bomb. So let me tell ya my day doesn't start off good.

I get the trash cleaned up, and I am on my second cup when Makayla wakes up. Bryanna is eating her cereal and talking to the spoon. I get Makayla her cereal, she takes two bites and says " I'm full." I told her she needs to eat, like I always do since she is skin and bones. She finishes her cereal and cleans up. Bryanna has stopped talking to the spoon, which means she is done also. They both go about their day. I am watching the Today Show, drinking my coffee and celebrating the moments of my life. Then.... a blood curdling scream comes from a child.

Makayla runs out and says " I didn't do it, she hit her head by herself." Humm, yea right.
I have to put them in separate rooms to avoid Bryanna beating the crap out of Makayla. Well some reason Makayla comes out of her room and is running and jumping on every thing in the living room. Then she runs back to her room and shuts the door. Oookay. She does it again, and again and again. After the fifth time, I catch her in mid jump from the coffee table and ask her, what is going on.

She tells me " That cereal makes me crazy."

I tell her to get out a puzzle or her coloring books and settle down. She goes into her room and all is calm again. I pick up my knitting project, and then a thought comes in. Did my child just say that cereal makes me crazy? I go and look at the cereal box, and make sure I did give her cereal. It is your normal every day Post Honey Bunches of Oats. I smell the cereal to make sure it smelled right. Now I am wondering, if a crack head works at that plant and if someone dropped their stash into the box. For some strange reason I think of that black woman who does those commercials getting all frantic looking for her crack. I don't mean to offend anyone, but with only having 2 cups of coffee, I'm still not with the world yet.

A few hours later as I am going about my day, I get a call from Makayla's dad. He has just asked me if I will babysit his pregnant girlfriend. She is a week over due. I know it sounds Jerry Springer, but we are all friends. Well Ami and I are best friends. I know, I know, best friends with my baby's daddy's pregnant girlfriend. Like I said it is Jerry Springer.

By the way Makayla is still cracked out. By the time Ami gets to my house, Makayla is running from the living room down the hall way and smacking her face off the closet door. She does this many, many times. Ami sees her doing this and asks me " aren't you going to stop her?"

I said " no, I'm hoping she will knock herself out."

I know what kind of parent am I? Well for all of you who are behind, Makayla is ADHD. After about 15 minutes of her doing that, I put her on the computer to play with the Disney Fairy thing. So all is quiet once again. I go and check on Bryanna. Some how she is stuck under her bed. I free her and then she tells me " I'm not finished."

Well, sorrry. Like I said this day is a little odd. Now it is around 7 o'clock. James is home and the girls are doing normal things. The dinner dishes are in the dishwasher and James is in the garage messing with his pool cues. I finally get a chance to sit, relax and do some more knitting. Well I sit down pick up my project, and I forgot how to knit. I just drew a blank. I could not for the life of me remember how to knit. Oh my god! I had the biggest brain fart. With Makayla being cracked out and Ami being scared out of her mind about giving birth, I haven't really had time to unwind my mind. Plus I have been getting ready to go back to school. So I had thirty things going through my mind at once.

Now it is a little past 1am, I can remember how to knit. But now it's time for bed. What a odd, odd day.

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