Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snowy Day

Well we got more snow yesterday. So I guess that adds to the total for the week to be... 10 inches! I am so sick of snow. But the good thing is later this week we are supposed to get rain. Yea, rain! Now that means floods, and all that other fun stuff that comes with flooding. Don't worry, I am getting my little raft ready.

I finally broke down and went to sign up for classes. I have to do something in my life. I wanted to go to school for so many things. My last venture was to be a History Teacher. I figured I don't have 4+ years to wait for a career. With jobs almost non-existent here, I need to do something. I know I really need to pick one thing and stay with it, but I like to learn about so many things. So I have decided to go to school for Paralegal. That is a far cry from a teacher. But I will have a degree in 18 months and I can start working. Hey, it's not like crime will go away anytime soon in Dayton. I will probably have to finish to get my bachelor degree to get paid more than an associates, but it's a start.

If I like it, I might just go all the way and be a lawyer. I like to argue with people, and I don't like how big corporations screw people all the time. I'll have to see. Ami did make a good point to me, if I do become a lawyer, I might be held for contempt of court a lot and that's not a good thing.

All I know is, I am going to have to bust my ass to get good grades. There are a few Law Firms I would like to work here in Dayton. I am aiming high for my grades, hopefully I will get that 4.0 grade point average that I want.

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