Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Snow Day

Well we are supposed to get like 6-12 inches of snow today. So far at noon the news guys say we have 6 inches. It is not going to stop snowing until later tonight. Pretty much the whole Dayton area is shut down. It doesn't bother me, because people don't need to drive in this shit. My neighbor went to the corner store to get cigarettes and he said on his way back, he say 2 wrecks. So I'm not going any were today.

But "mother" called this morning and she asked James and I if we could watch her kids so she can get another foster child. I'm sorry, for one she doesn't need any more adopted kids or foster kids. Second the weather is so shitty I don't even know why she would want to drive in all the snow. I can go on forever about this woman and her shopping problems and how she spends money. Oh and how I feel sorry for my father in law, who is way past his retirement age but can't because "mother" keeps spending all of his money, plus the money she gets from adopting 3 kids and fosters kids.

But I had to move my old car into the drive way, because they had the info on the bottom of the t.v to move all cars off the street. Well, it took me about an hour to dig have of my car out and get it to move out of the snow bank. I finally got the car out and floored it into the drive way. I'm lazy, I'm not going to shovel my drive way when it is still going to snow for another 12 hours. Plus James didn't have to work and his lazy ass wasn't going to help me. To shovel my drive way with 6+ inches of snow on it would have taken me over an hour. I'm not going to freeze my ass off when I can floor the car into the drive way.

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