Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday!!!!

What the hell was I thinking when I said "okay" to my Mother in Law. Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!! I was about ready to kick her in her short little troll ass!

First she calls and wakes me up at 3 in the morning, so we can be at the mall by 4. But the doors to J C Penny didn't open until 5. The only reason we went to J C Penny, was to get her a stupid fucking Christmas tree. All because it was on sale for $ 118.00. Once I stood in line for this damn tree, I had to carry it out to the car through 500 people. Not only that, but this damn tree weighed about 150 pounds. People did not want to get out of my way. I finally told all of these people to " GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!" They moved. I finally get through the double doors, I drop the tree to rest before I take it all the way to the car, and then this happened.

Big Fat Asshole " Oh thanks for bringing out the tree for me."

Me " What?!"

Asshole "Yeah, I was wondering who was going to bring it out, hold on a minute and I'll get my car."

Me really pissed off " This ain't your fucking tree!!! go inside and get your own damn tree!!!! You fucking bastard!!!"

Fatty " Umm, I'll take it off your hands just for that."

Me extremely pissed off " Fuck off asshole!!! you better let go now, or I will fuck you up!!!"

I swung the tree and hit him in his shins. Then I took it to the car. By this time I am really tired and I was about to start walking home. Then Mother in Law walks out and wonders why I am sitting on the tree box. So I tell her the story with all of the cussing. She really didn't like that, but at that point I didn't care. But after I tell her she starts laughing at me. I told her I was ready to go home. We got into a small fight and I stayed.

We go across the street to Toys r Us. I go in there to get 2 toys. FOR HER! Yes just 2! I get them and the line to check out is at the front door. "Mother" went to Target to get something, but the line was to long so she went to Toys r Us. She couldn't find me. I talk to her on the phone and tell her I am at the front door. We wait 2 hours to check out.

Next we go to Target. I see the line, and how long it is, so I stand in it. She eventually finds me and she has only 2 Cabbage Patch dolls!!! We wait and hour in that line.

Then she wants to go back to the mall, to get things from Macy's. We get there and the $20 coats are not there. So we go to Elder Beermans to spend a $10 off coupon. But that coupon is only good for like 3 things. So I buy a stupid candle. By then she has ran off some ware and I can't find her. I call her and she is still looking at stuff. So I go outside and smoke a cigarette. Mind you I had not had a cigarette since about 3:15, and it is now 10. I go back in side to find her and she is not answering her fucking phone. So I go and get hats for James. I looked in the pet store and a few other places, just to waste time. She calls back and I meet her at the car.

So I think we are going home, nope! She wants to go back across the street to Old Navy!!! I once again see the line, and wait. I get almost to the check out and call her. She tells me " oh I'm still looking." If she wasn't across the store I would have punched her in her face!! So I buy 2 blankets, since they were 2 for 10. I leave Old Navy and go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I look around that whole store, taking my good 'ol time. I finally buy a shower radio, and call her. She is now in line, and then she tells me to go back to Old Navy because, they are handing out cupons!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I tell her to get bent! I wait at the car for her.

We get in the car and then she has the nerve to ask me, if I wanted to go any ware else. So how tired and pissed off I am I tell her " I sware to God if you don't take me home right now, I will beat the holy shit out of you and leave you here!"

So she starts to cry and we go home. By now it is noon. I get home and explain what happened to James. All he does it laugh at me. The best part of the day was fighting with Big Fat Asshole.

So this morning James' dad calls at 8 in the morning! He says in a high pitched voice " Oh wake up and let's go to the mall." He heard about the tree thing. He couldn't believe I got that tree out to the car myself. He told me he had to get "mother" to help him get it out of the car. So I tell him " I was really pissed off, and if that tree don't last for at least 10 years I will shoot your wife." He laughs at me. He is cool, he is a preacher and he don't cuss either, but he knew I was really mad yesterday.

Other than that, my Thanksgiving was really nice. I had a good week at work. I found out what job I will be doing. It is an easy job. Well it is easy for me, because I used to do that stuff at GM. People don't like that job, because it is on a moving line. All I have to do is put the radiator on the little round-Dee round and put two little plastic things on the side, big deal. So hopefully I don't get bumped off that job, since I am the low man on the totem pole.

I have not had time to knit this week. But hopefully I can get some in at work. I will report back about my job and all the lovely things that go on, next week.

Oh I finally sent out my SP9 package yesterday. I know I was going to send it out like last week, but I forgot.

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Heatherly said...

reading about your black friday is soo sad! how yucky! sorry, but it is also pretty funny it is a day i love. mom and i go that is a big perk-shopping without kids!
i learned 1-NEVER go to walmart first, there will always be a trailer trash fight..they will punch babies! 2-thanksgiving leftovers in a cooler in the car so you can eat while driving between stores. 3-there are only 10 or so of the big items DO NOT EXPECT TO GET THEM, unless you camp there the day before. if you get a great unexpected thing it is a plus.