Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This new job is kicking my ass!!!! I don't mind my arms and legs hurting, but my thumbs that really sucks. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be some what use to it. The only bad thing is, if someone sees that I have that job and they want it, they can " bump" me off that job. But hey, some day I will be one of those people who can " bump " someone off a job. All in time, I guess.

Another thing, I understand my legs, arms, feet, and thumbs hurting, but I still haven't figured out why my ass hurts. It is puzzling to me why both of my ass cheeks hurt. I know, nice thing to be sharing in a blog, but it's 3 am and my ass hurts and everything else to.

As for knitting, hopefully I can get some done on Sunday, since that is my only day off this week. Ugh!!! 6 days and all of them are 10 hours or more, that really blows!! But hey, someone has to make the radiators, that go in them damned Soccer Mom Mini Vans huh.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks that someone can bump you!! And you ass hurts too and your thumbs not good at all but just think at this rate you will have a nice firm ass in no time and thumbs too! lol