Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh WOW!!!!

Look what I just got in the mail. Well I had to go and pick it up at the post office. But my sister who lives in D.C send me a late birthday present. I am soo happy! New and different yarns to work with. New needles and she even sent me a book to! I have a few things for her, but I haven't sent them out yet. What can I say I have been busy. But thanks to my sister, now James can't get mad at me for having more yarn. Haha the joke is on him now. He thinks I have a problem with yarn. Every time I go out, I buy yarn. He told me that I needed help, and he is looking for a support group for husbands who's wives knit.

I have so many things to do now. I just gotta figure out what to knit first. I am working on Makayla's hat right now. So I guess that will give me enough time to decide what to knit next.

Thank you very very much Big Sis! I love all of the stuff!!! Posted by Picasa

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Yvonne said...

You deserve the knitty treat! I'm glad you liked all the stuff, wasn't sure what cha dig. And I'm glad you're forgiving about it being uh, 2 months late.