Monday, October 23, 2006

Busy , busy

I have been busy knitting up a storm. I finished Bryanna's ear flap hat. I made James his " man hat". He was too good for my " dorky ear thing hat." I even maid my self a dorky hat. I finished my lemon-lime socks. Now I just have to make Makayla her hat. I finished a few things for my SP also. So like I said I have been really busy knitting.

Well so far my week started out with, on Sunday morning I was doing my Sunday house cleaning. It was around 11:30 when James got a phone call. I let him sleep in late on Sunday's so he is out of my way when I clean. As I walked by Makayla's room to give James the phone, I smelled something odd. I opened her door and, Bryanna and Makayla had painted everything in her room! That is right walls, carpet, bed, dressers, windows, toys, and even themselves! I was in shock. I did not know what to do. Well as I screamed OH MY GOD!!!!!!! James walked out of the bedroom. After James yelling everything a child should not hear. He put the girls at the kitchen table and made them sit there until he cooled off. Of course it was my job to clean up the mess. Or as I would call it " the mess of the century." I finished cleaning all of the paint that would come off around 2 o'clock. The girls were still at the table. James went and took all of their toys and fun things out of their rooms. All they had was their beds. This started Daddy Boot Camp.

I have know idea what or why they opened a brand new can of paint, but I hoped they had fun. So for the rest of this week they have no t.v and they can't go outside and play. Makayla can't even go to her friend's house this week. Hopefully they get the point. I think it is to harsh for a 4 and 6 year old, but James thinks this will send a message to them. I know Makayla understands, but I am not so sure about Bryanna.

So maybe the rest of my week will be better. I am hoping that they do get the message, because it was not fun cleaning up all of that paint. I know I sound like an old fashion girl with having the Dad punish the kids, but I am home with them all week. On the weekends James is in charge of the kids, so I can get my break and get things done. I really don't like it like that,because I like it my way all the time. But like my friend Jan said, " life is not Burger King you can't have it your way all the time."

I love Jan, she is such a wise woman.

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Anonymous said...

yeah well iwas there for part of the aftermath and how many times has makayla destroyed part or all of her room