Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kids Halloween Party

I went to the Eagles for the kids Halloween Party tonight. I only took Bryanna with me, since Makayla went to her dad's this weekend. Bryanna is a very shy child. It took her almost 2 hours to go and play with the other kids. I did get her to play pumpkin bowling though. After all the games and stuff, she finally got out and played with some of the kids. Mostly she was knocking them over and stealing their candy. I bet she took and hour to hunt down all of the candy that the other kids have dropped. She just kept coming over to the table with more candy. I finally had to watch and see where she was getting it at. Most of the kids had gone home so there were only a few kids upstairs. She looked under every table and every chair. So she maid out pretty good on the candy. She even took a little pumpkin home. She loves pumpkins. Since we got home late we will have to carve that little pumpkin tomorrow.

All and all she had a very good time without her big sister. Usually she has to have her sister there to help her play with the other kids. How she is, she kind of reminds me of my older sister. She is very quite and is a little on the clean freak side. Bryanna has this problem with having to wash her hands all of the time. I go through about 2 bars of soap a week from her washing her hands so much. So now that it is winter time, I have to stock up on the lotion.

I don't know where she got her shyness from, but James and I are not shy people. I am hoping when she goes to school, she will grow out of that. If not then she will have to learn how to speak up at our house. Half the time I don't even hear what she says. Well all I know is that it is very late and I am very tired from all of the kids activities. So until next post, I'm outta here.

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Heatherly said...

Kezzi was VERY SHY. a guy smiled at her in the airport once and she burst into tears.
she is just a lil quiet now. so hopefully yours will grow out of it too.