Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh what a Day

Today has been very eventful. I took the girls to the doctor. While we were there, they were fine. When we were leaving Makayla about knocked down an old man. Bryanna ran into a lady in a walker. I don't know if it is the weather or what but so far this week has been hell. They both have acted like animals. Yesterday they put shaving cream all over their room! Oh my God! What the hell is wrong with my kids?

But on a lighter note I have started my Secret Pal 9 project. I finished the baby sweater I made for Ami's baby. So I thought this would be a good time to start my SP project. So far it is going great. I am not making anything to fancy just yet. First I gotta find out who my Sp is.

So who ever you are SP, I hope you like what I have made for you this month.

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Kathy C said...

Gotta tell you my favorite niece story. When she was 4, she loved to watch Bill Nye the science guy. My sister noticed she was awfully quiet one day and went downstairs to investigate. She found my niece in the powder room putting the finishing touches on her science project. Apparantly that day's episode was on wetlands. The child had gone out to the garden and gotten soil, mulch, a few clumps of grass and pieces of her mother's dried flower arrangement and used it to recreate a wetland in the sink. Then she carefully washed her hands, leaving soil and mulch in the soap, the hand towels and all over the bathroom.