Sunday, October 01, 2006

Secret Pal 9 Answers

Well here are my answers to the questions...

1. My favorite yarns are anything soft and mostly cotton. I can't stand wool, I hate the way it feels and it gives me a rash.

2. I have made my own needle caddy out of fabric.

3. I have been knitting for over 10 years. My grandmother showed me how to knit and crochet when I was about 7 years old.

4. I do have a Amazon wish list, but I have very expensive taste. ( I like stuff for my kitchen)

5. I like fruity smells, like pear and mellon. but I also like vanilla

6. I love Killer brownies! they are at the Dorothy Lane Market. which is in ohio. and chocolate!

7. I sew a lot and I'm not a spinner

8. I like 90's stuff and people like Nickelback, Buckcherry. and I can play mp3's.

9. I like neutral colors and blues and greens. I hate Red.

10. I am married and I have two little girls. 6 and 4. I have 2 black labs, 2 orange tabby cats, 3 oscars, and 1 hamster.

11. I wear just about anything.

12. I like to knit baby stuff for my friend. and things for my girls.

13. right now I am knitting some hats for my girls.

14. I love hand made things. they are so personal.

15. I like straight needles, but circ's are ok for the bigger things. I use metal.

16. I do not own a yarn winder or a swift.

17. my ufo is about 10 years old.

18. I love all the holidays. Halloween and thanksgiving are my favorite.

19. I collect frogs. and old china.

20. I really need to get a few sets of needles. like 7,8,9 for straight, 5,7,9 dpn 4,5,6,7,8,9 for circ. I just use the basics. but that is because the kids take off with them and break them. I dont have a magazine subscription.

21. I would love to learn continental.

22. I am a big sock knitter. 9 inches at the widest part and my foot is about 10 inches long.

23. august 13

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