Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh Boy!

Well, Makayla has decided to be the wicked witch of the west for Halloween. The only problem is, I can't find any green and white knee socks any ware! I looked all over this stinking town and I can't find crap! I went to the Halloween store, and I did find some. But I am not going to pay $10 for those when she is only going to ware them once or twice. So I just went to Hobby Lobby and got me some green and white yarn. By God I will make my girl some witch socks. Okay problem solved, right? Nope! Now Bryanna wants to be a witch to. But she also wants to be a cat. So this year she will have a witch hat and dress, but I'm going to make her a tail and some ears for her hat, and paint her face like a cat. Well I never said she wasn't creative. But now I have two orders for knee socks. So I gotta go back to the store and get more yarn. I have know idea what colors Bryanna's socks are going to be. I might make them green and white also, so they don't fight over them. Their foot measures the same at the ball, but Bryanna's foot is shorter. So the pattern won't be that hard to do.

On the other side, I found out who my Secret Pal is. I can't wait to start on all the projects I have planned for her. Well now I have a better idea what she likes. Good thing, because I have already started on hers. I was also glad to find out she didn't hate the color I am using either!

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