Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Well tonight sucked big fat ass! out of a 5 block area only 10 houses were handing out candy! what the hell kind of Halloween is that for the kids? I am soo fucking pissed off! My girls looked soo cute, and these bastards aren't even home to hand out candy. I remember when I was little I would come home with 2 full to the top pillow cases. My girls only had little buckets and they were only half full. I tell ya what, Halloween is starting to suck more and more. How I see it, if people aren't going to be home, then they should not even have trick or treating.

If you are to lazy to stay at home and hand out candy, then FUCK YOU!! I know my language is harsh, but look people, how would you feel if there was hardly nobody handing out candy when you went trick or treating? You would feel like nobody cared. Well try telling a 4 and 6 year old why people were not home. This is one of the first years that they will remember getting all dressed up.

I am think next year, I will just have to have a big 'ol Halloween party for them. This trick or treating think really hurt their feelings. So for all of you, people who keep the lights off or are purposely not home on trick or treat night.......

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You rotten kill joys!!!! Fucking assholes!!!! Piece's of shit eating motherfuckers!!!!!

OK I feel a little bit better. But that still doesn't make up for how my kids feel.

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