Saturday, November 04, 2006


This is a rare moment. A picture of James and I together. This was taken at the Oregan District last Saturday. Every year they have an adult Halloween party. The whole 2 to 3 block area is a big block party. The only thing that sucks is, you have to pay to get in and then you have to pay to get into the bars. So just the two of us spent like 50$ that night. Mainly it was to get in and then we only had 2 beers.

That same night, some of our friends were having a party at their house, in BFE. But Jennifer and Lamar wanted to go downtown. I agreed to go, since Jennifer has never been there on Halloween. I had a horriable time. I got knocked down like 3 times and i never finished my beer. So to me it was a waist of money. I finally left and we went to our friend's house for the party.

So all in all I am still wondering why I am smiling here. Posted by Picasa

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