Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pool Table Fun

Well James and I bought a pool table at a garage sale about a month ago. We only paid $20 for it. It only needed the felt and that was it. Well James being how he is could not wait until we had the extra money to buy pool table felt. So last weekend, he made me go to Joanna's Fabric and find something close to the felt we needed. I went on my mission, and I found the closest thing I could to it. By the time I got home, I had found him putting " extra support " on the legs of the table.

My thinking would be, if he put it together right he wouldn't need to add 6 extra pieces of wood to the table. So now this $20 pool table looks so hillbilly right now. We put the cheap want to be felt on the table. James did finally finish to garage room, but he still needs to plaster all the little holes. Oh that's not all either. Along with the semi-finished room the drywall is two different types. So I have white and green walls with little holes in it. Then the bumpers on the sides of the pool table are still the original color. This table has a faded golf grass green sides and a bright Christmas green center. Then add the 4 pieces of wood added to the legs to help keep it from wobbling around. That is to me the most redneck looking thing I have ever seen. Then on top of all that, he invites most of the neighbors over to see his little " master piece."

It is a nice little pool table, even though the "felt" is already getting little fuzzies on it. How my husband is, I really feel like I should be living in some little hillbilly town. Then my husband can have his ideas, and maybe be the leader of the other husbands and their stupid ideas. I don't know, he needs to just think once before he tries is latest " thing. " Whatever it might be.

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Anonymous said...

yeah well why dont you show the finished product never mind it looks 100 percent better but you just got to make everyone else look bad but this is supposed to be the man you love but all you do is dog him in your whole blog so do you really love him because it reall funny way of showing it