Thursday, July 27, 2006

Men, Ugh!!!!!!

What is it with men? Why do they have to be such assholes?

Well let me start the story before I even ask those questions. Well last Sunday, James wanted to go over to his friend Jim's house to watch the race with the men folk. Which was fine with me. All that meant was, I didn't have to chase kids around and make sure they didn't break anything or make a big mess. Jim has a very nice house, and he does have a little girl who is about 6. But, she lives in Virginia and he doesn't see her that much. So now he is used to not having little kids around in his house. Jim really does not care if we bring the girls over to his house. I guess I'm the one who has the problem with that. I just don't like going over to people's houses who have nice non-kid friendly things. You know the kind of things that you would have if you don't have little kids.

After the race was over, James came home to bleed the breaks on the car. Then he said he was going back over to Jim's, to help him get the rest of the things out of his attic. (Jim is moving to Virginia at the end of August. ) Once again, I really didn't care if he went over there. He needs to spend as much time as he can with Jim before he leaves. I guess Lamar was over at Jim's house also that day. (Lamar is James' brother.) They are all good friends, and I really don't give a crap if they want "guys day." So anyways, I guess Lamar was bad mouthing me to Jim and James. He was saying how much of a bitch I am, and this and that. I know Lamar does not like me, I really could give a shit less if he did. I'm not married to him, and I don't have to see him everyday. Then I guess Jim thought I was mad that James wanted to go over there and I was not invited. So James tried to explain, that I was not mad at all. But as drunk red neck NASCAR fans are, they don't hear you. ( or as I like to put it, " no incoming calls.") So once again James tried to tell them that I was not like that. I have never told James that he could not go out with his friends and have fun. There were a few times, but that was only because we had other things planned that day.

Then James said something about, how he felt that it wasn't right that I was home all week with the kids alone, and that the weekends that he went out without me. I guess that was said when James told Jim and Lamar that he wasn't going to stay long that time. So Jim and Lamar said something about the kids. But Jim loves my girls, he treats them like they are his own kids. He wasn't the one with the problem with them. It was Lamar who has the problem with them. Lamar said, that it was a bother to have the girls over on Monday's and Friday's when we go to Jim's to watch Wrestling. I guess other things were said about me, all of them came from Lamar's mouth. So James left, and came home. He told me about what was said and how he was mad that, his friends think I'm some controlling bitch. He was more pissed about his own brother saying how bad the kids are, and how I need to control them better. When I say I, he meant me. Which is total bullshit. James said that he defended the fact it was his responsibility also, since he was the part in the making of Bryanna. But Lamar doesn't see it that way. Lamar also said something about how he thought " mother" was right about how Bryanna was " developmentally delayed. I think he said that to piss James off. I'm sure it did, but James didn't tell me about what he said to Lamar about that.

So on Monday I confronted Lamar. I told him, if I was such a big bitch and my kids were such a big problem, then why was he always hanging out at my house and watching my t.v.. He said to James, right in front of me " you need to keep your bitch in check before I do." Now isn't that some bullshit. Knowing me, I had to open my big mouth. I have done a really good job this year with that, with the exception of a few times. My mouth is much better than my it used to be. Well I told Lamar where to stick his male chauvinistic attitude, and I was the type of woman who would fight a man over things said about my girls. As I was saying all of these things I was in his face. Okay, Lamar is about 6 foot tall and is a very muscular man. He could break me in half without breaking a sweat. Since I am a very short person, I have the " small man complex." We had our words and I had to leave or I was physically going to do something to him. ( like I could even hurt that massive man, but I would sure as hell try.)

After I left, Lamar yelled at James and said some other choice words, I think the "C" word came up a few times. James came home, and I asked him if he was mad, he said he wasn't. He told me that he knew, I would confront Lamar and try and find out why he said nasty things about me and the kids.

So back to my first questions. I just want to know why Lamar has to be such and asshole. The only reason James came up with was, that Lamar don't like James being married with children. He wants James to be single and go out anytime he wants. Plus about 2 years ago James and I were having problems and Lamar filled James' head with crap, and James believed him. When James and I were talking through our problems, I told Lamar to " mind your own fucking business." So I guess ever since then Lamar has not liked me. Lamar has a problem with opinionated women, and women who don't "obey" a man's ever comand. Guess what, I fit perfectly into that catagory.

Lamar did say something to me about how I need to respect men, and bullshit like that. So I told him, if how I was, was such a big problem then he should talk to my mother about that. Since she was the one who raised my sister and I that way. Not to depend on a man for anything. And if you got something to say, say it because if you don't then you basically will be left behind.

Oh well, I guess Lamar will have to GET OVER IT!!!


Yvonne said...

It's funny how boys growing up in a home with a mother that is ever present and how shall we say....umm.....controlling that these boys think that wives should be obedient. What a momma's boy that brother-in-law you have is. Just wait until his balls are busted by a whoa-man. He'll get his due soon enough.

Anonymous said...

you knw what i know you and i know james and you treat him like shit i have read 90 percent of your blog in one night and answered alot of your posts but what it boils down to is that you say you love your husband and then every last thing he does you have to put it down or say that you did it and it is getting old you really should think about building him or offering some kind of encouragement istead of always putting him down it just makes mesick to seehow you talk about and treat someone you supposedly love if so act like it instead of acting like aspoiled little brat