Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting Ready for School

Well today was a very fun day. I had to go to Makayla's new school and register her for kidergarten. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! All I wanted to do was turn in some of the papers that I had and be on my way. But oh no, that can't happen in this world. I had to argue with the stupid lady about where her birth certificate was and then I had to explain why I don't have custody papers for her. I had to explain the custody thing like 10 times. And I still don't think the lady got it. I stood in the office of my old Elementary School and had to yell at this lady, because she was so incompetent. I was starting to wonder who she had to f**k to get that job, because apparently she had no clue what was going on. I filled out a current address form and I was on my way. I was thinking in the car ride home, if the girls were not with me maybe things would have been a lot better. But I had to try and explain simple things to that lady, and make sure the girls were not running around messing things up.

But what really got me mad was, I had to bring proof of residents of the city. I just happen to have the phone bill in my purse that I had just paid. Well since it didn't have my name on it, it was not good enough. ( that was yesterday.) So today I went back with my proof. I brought the title to my house. Well since I bought the house from mom it had her name on it to. But that stupid lady didn't bother to read the first paragraph. So another arugemet went on.

Now I'm hearing things of a teachers strike. I'm really wondering if they really need a pay raise. If they cant read information on registration papers, then why the hell are they teaching my kids? Or maybe its just me. But all the information I had to give them was outrageous. I was starting to wonder if they wanted to know the name of the boat my great grandparents came on, how may goats they had and how many cows were exchanged when they got married. What ever happened to here is the birth certifiate and sign a paper and that's it. I only have one more child to register, but that is not for 2 more years. Maybe by then I will have to give my blood type and how many times a day I have to take a crap, just to get her registered.

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