Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yea Me!

I finally got a job!!!! Yes that's right, I have a job. I start work in September though, but that's okay by me. No more sitting on my ass and taking care of the kids all day. But the sad things are that I will hardly see the kids and I wont have time to knit or sew. Oh and I wont have time with James. But hey if I don't see him, then we have nothing to fight about! All I have to do is just keep my big mouth shut for 90 days, then I'll be fine. I'll just have to go a buy duck tape just to make sure.

I wish I had a digital camera so I can put pics of the stuff that I have done on here. I have made a lot of baby hats for Ami's new baby. ( she's not due till February.) I have made a few pairs of booties, and one blanket. But the past few days I have made myself a purse that I hand sewed. I have an old sewing machine, but I'm not to sure how or if that thing still works. I'm afraid if I plug it in it might catch fire and burn my house down. So I just use the table that's with it for my sewing. I made the girls each a bag. I had to make them one when they saw mine. They whined and cried for me to make them one. The neat thing is, it only takes me 2 hours to make one. Which isn't bad. Ami saw my bag and now I had to make her one. I guess she felt left out of the bag club.

Other than that stuff nothing is really going on in my life. Just the same old Ohio crap. It's to hot one day, then it rains all day. When I have time to myself I sit and think about my life. I would not have thought that 8 years ago, I would be married with two kids. Now I knit and sew and do all that Martha Stewart crap. It's weird how time goes buy and how much you change.

I have know idea where that came from, I guess my fingers got away from me.

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