Thursday, July 13, 2006

Auntie EM, Auntie Em!

Well I was near a tornado. Well actually the tornado went over the store I was in. That was the coolest thing that has happened to me. People were freaking out, well my mother in law was the only one who was freaking out. I wanted to go outside and see it. But the employee's in Target would not let me. I tried to assure my mother in law that since we were by the Dayton Mall, and not Xenia then we would be okay. She didn't think that was very funny, but a few other people around me in the store room thought it was.

We were in the store room for about 20 minutes total. Then the coast was clear, to get the hell out of dodge. So I had to drive a van full of kids and a mother in law that has lost her damn mind all the way home. Let me tell you how fun that trip was! By the time we got to her house, James and his Dad were working on a car. So this said mother in law jumps out of the van while it is still moving and started screaming " There is a tornado coming!!!!!! Everyone in the house!!!"

James and his Dad looked at her like she was crazy. ( I personally think this woman needs to either start drinking or find some good pills.) Then I explained what had happened at the store. So James and I put the girls in the car and left. Well "mother" got mad and said we had to stay there until the bad weather had passed. So I told her " If I'm going to die I'm going to die in my own house." I swear this woman has no sense of humor at all. We got home and turned on the news and saw that the storms had moved on. So all was well on Sesame Street.

So my lesson for that day was, check the weather reports before I leave with the crazy mother in law to the mall. Or do not go anywhere with the mother in law.

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