Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh My Hair

Well I went and got my hair cut. That's right I got my hair cut all off! I was getting sick of trying to put enough shampoo and conditioner in my hair to get it to look clean. Then it was getting hard for me to brush my hair without pulling a muscle in my arm. When my hair was down, my hair came to the top of my butt. My hair hasn't been that long since I was 5. It was so long, there were only two things I could do with it; Pull it up or leave it down.

So now my hair sits on top of my shoulders. It is in layers, but the chick kind of messed up the layers. One side is shorter than the other. James said you can't tell, but I can. He was mad that I cut all my hair off. When he saw me he said " what did you do to MY hair." I was thinking your hair? You are not the one who has to wash it and brush it. I guess that's how most men are about a woman's hair. Oh well it's my hair and I'll cut it if I want. James made such a fuss about me cutting my hair off, I told him he was lucky that I didn't shave it all off.

Maykayla told me that I look like a "different Mommy." But my head does feel a lot lighter now that all the hair is gone. It is so weird to brush my hair now. I keep wanting to keep going with the brush, but I can't because it's all gone. Now I don't have to use a half a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair.

I guess I will have to see how this hair cut goes. I might let it grow out again, and I might not. I guess it will all depend on my mood.

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