Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Family Get Together

Well James' family from Michigan came into town this weekend. They seemed like really nice people. But I was told that they were the "rich" side of the family. I was thinking, Okay and the rest of them are what, poor? His dad's side of the family is referred to the rich side. Two of his uncles are heart doctors and the other one works for IBM. So needless to say, that side is not "hurting for money" as James puts it.

The other two uncles I met yesterday seemed really down to earth. But their wives were kind of stuck up. That doesn't surprise me when it comes to women with privileged lives. I pretty much stayed out of the way since I really don't like to talk to new people. I was pretty much not my self there. So all went well until I tried to avoid the Amazon bitch sister-in-law.

I was down stairs with Bryanna and the other kids, standing in as babysitter. I really don't know James' family that well and I'm still kind of shy around them. So I was more than happy to be out of everyone's way.

The kids were playing outside and I was on the back porch knitting minding my own business, when the Amazon bitch came to sit next to me and "talk." I tried to be nice and say as little as possible, but that didn't work out very well. We had a few choice words to say to each other and as usual she tried to be the Alfa female. But since I myself am a very strong willed and bull headed person, would not let her over power me and make me submit to her bull shit. I was just glad that James' uncle Peter's house is very big. I don't think anyone heard our conversation but our husbands. Since they were playing basketball only a few feet away.

She started to insult my way of parenting and tell me that my kids are going to grow up worthless and on welfare. Then I shot back at how both my kids wont be the ones on Maury Povich with the "weight problem." Then I added in that how I like to stand next to her, because it makes me look 50lbs thinner. After a few other words she tried to I guess strong arm me in a way. But I pretty much told her if she tried to hit me again, I would mess her face up so she would look better than she does now.

Buy then the fella's stopped the game and came over to separate us from each other. I just wanted to watch the kids play and knit. I was not there to fight, but if she wanted to, I would be more than glad to shut her mouth for her. So she went up stairs and got "mother" involved. Which was fine with me. I explained the problems that we have with each other. And I told "mother" that I will not be attending anymore family functions if Bessie the Cow was going to be there. I just thought that it would be better that way. That comment upset "mother" and she took it as I was doing that to hurt her. So James and I said our good byes and left. Later "mother" called and wanted to know what really happened. I told her the whole story and stood my ground and said that I would not be around Amazon woman. I also told her I did not make the comment to hurt her. I just don't want to deal with the bull shit. I would rather have a nice visit with family, than fight with the Amazon Cow. So I guess I have started another family feud. Oh well James' side of the family is messed up anyways.

I don't know when the next family function is going to be, but if Bessie the Amazon cow is going to be there I will not. I would rather not deal with that family if I don't have to. They are all crazy and out of their minds. The only person that is half way normal is James' Dad. I feel sorry for a man who has to wear ear plugs around his own wife. That should tell ya something about that family.

Ya just gotta love the in law family huh.

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