Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well someone thought it would be funny to call Children Services on me and James. The complaint was that my kids are always dirty and I don't feed them. Then the other complaints were that my house smelled like cats and dogs. Not their poop or pee smell just smelled like animals. So I don't know who I pissed off, or what I said to someone but that was a totally wrong way to piss me off. I have a few ideas of who it could be. If I'm right about one of them, then that person has no room to talk about neglect.

Anyways the Social worker came here yesterday and saw my house, and IT WAS CLEAN!!! The kids were dirty, but what am I not supposed to let them outside to play? She looked in my fridge and my cabinets to see if I had food. Then she asked about my animals. I told her the cat comes inside to eat and other than that he's outside. The dog, is clean because I give her a bath once a week. Then James and I both stopped smoking in the house, which makes my house not stink as much any more. The Social Worker said my house wasn't "April Fresh", but it didn't stink like any animals. She looked in both of their rooms and saw it looked like little kids lived in there.

She just came to the house unannounced and I didn't even know someone had called Children Services on me. But whom ever it was that just pisses me off!!!!!!! I take good care of my kids and my house. Yea there are some days I don't feel like picking up the messes, but it's not like I have piles and piles of trash or dirty diapers all over my house. I don't have ants or roaches in my house. I have the occasional fly and spiders. So I guess that person whom ever it was is really pissed at me for something.

So to end the story, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO OPEN A CASE!!! The Social Worker even hinted around that it might be a neighbor.

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