Monday, May 01, 2006

People Think I'm Crazy

That's right people think I am out of my mind. I have this idea of starting my own business. The business is going to be wedding planning. I have talked to a few of my friends who have used a wedding planner, and they said they paid them a lot to plan their wedding. Now here comes the crazy part, I am now an ordained minister. That's right a minister. I am legally allowed to perform weddings in Ohio. I have a few ideas of what I can do. The main idea is to be a wedding planner. The second idea is, why not bring a little of Las Vegas to Ohio. I know I have lost my mind, but marriages are a big business. I am just in the process of finding out how to start a business. So this will take some time, but I think it is a good idea. When I tell people what I want to do, they look at me like I'm speaking Spanish to them. I know I can make whatever I decide work, it's just getting all my ducks in a row first. So maybe this time next year, I will have my own business.

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