Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today we went and ate at Wot-A-Dog. We sat outside at the picnic tables, to enjoy the nice day that we were having. The girls liked the picnic that we were having. They sat and ate their hot dogs, and talked about what they wanted to do today. Makayla wanted to go to the park to play, and Bryanna just wanted to eat her hot dog. While I was eating, I noticed that Bryanna was done. I had not seen her face yet. I cleaned up her trash and got a napkin to wipe the mustard off her hands. Then I saw that she had mustard up her nose. This child loves to eat. I am still wondering how she got mustard up her nose. Then James pointed out that when she eats, she shoves as much food in her mouth as she can. I tried to clean as much as I could off of her, but that mustard was way up in her nose. I didn't have any baby wipes with me, so I did what all mothers do. I spit on the napkin to wipe it off. Bryanna was not going to have me wipe it off at all. She fought me like I was going to stab her, so I just let it go.

We get to James' parents house, and I forget about the mustard nose thing. James' mom picks Bryanna up, and sees the mustard. Then she questions my parenting. " how could you let her get mustard up her nose? Why didn't you clean it off?" I proceed to tell her about the fight and no wipes. Then she goes into how I'm never prepared for things. So what I forgot baby wipes big deal. I get a lecture about how much of a better mother she is. I do my usual, block out of things I don't want to hear. I just smile and agree with her. I know I can't voice my opinion any more to her, because of last time. So I just keep my mouth shut. If any body knows me, knows how hard that is to do.

We finally leave, and when we get home I scream as loud as I can in my bedroom. I come out and finish doing my Sunday laundry. By now James is wondering what is wrong. So I tell him about the talk his mom had with me. He thinks this is very funny, but I don't. So this little thing has turned into a big thing. Who cares if Bryanna has mustard up her nose? I know I don't. It's not going to kill her. She has had worse things in her nose. So now I have a big stack of baby wipes in my car. I might even have to put a mini basin and soap in the trunk just in case, we go to his parent's house so I can give the girls a quick bath on the way over.

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