Monday, May 15, 2006

Family Fun Filled Weekend

I had a great time visiting with my sister and the gang. Makayla and Bryanna had the best time playing with their cousins. They really didn't want to leave on Saturday but, there were other things that had to be done. Makyla asked me in the car:

Makayla: "why do my cousins live far, far away?"
Me: "Aunt Vonnie and Uncle Keith just live far away. "
Makayla:" I want them to live here so I can play with Leah and Olivia a lot."
Me: " Well they don't have a house here, they live in Virginia."
Makayla: " Well tell them to live here."
Me: " Vonnie and Keith have jobs there and they can't have two houses."
Makayla: " Well I will buy them a house so they can live here."
Me: " You don't have any money to buy them a house."
Makayla: " Yes I do, in my piggy bank."

How I miss being a small child. Not knowing how much things cost, and how hard you have to work as an adult. I told Makayla that maybe some time we can go visit Leah and Oliva so she can play with them more. She told me that they are their favorite cousins. Or as she calls them her " other sisters."

I told her that she can play with her other cousins on James' side of the family. Then she told me " I don't like them. They are mean and make me mad."

I didn't tell her this but, I don't like them either. My sister-in-law thinks its funny when her kids bite, hit, slap, and kick my kids. I have physically seen this woman laugh when it happens. She doesn't bother to correct them and tell them what's right and wrong. So when we have family functions and those little brats from hell are there, I make sure they don't come in contact with my kids. When they do, I am my usual self and correct the problem myself. This last time I corrected the problem, it started what I call " the battle of the bitches."

The last time I corrected the child who I will call " tank", I picked up this 60 lb 4 year old and moved her to the other side of the room. When I did this, I got yelled at just like I had beat the child up myself. This chick is way bigger than I. But I proceeded to explain the problem. I guess I was wrong for stopping the beating of my little sweet "chunk-o." Then I went on to tell this Amazon woman, that I would rather not spend my weekend at the hospital from the beating my child would have gotten. So the Amazon woman told me if I ever touched her kids, she would beat me like a redheaded step child. Knowing me, I told her she shouldn't have her mouth write a check her ass couldn't cash. ( I have rated this coversation PG, the real conversion is more like rated MA.) Buy now James and his brother Joe have stepped in. Joe told his WIFE she needs to pay more attention to what her "tank" is doing. So he was defending me, which was odd. Then James told me I need to cool it on my mouth since we were at his parents' house. Joe and the Amazon bitch left about 20 minutes later. I did have the last word as they were outside leaving. I told this woman the next time she thinks its funny that her "tank" is beating up on my child I will have to release the bitch with in me on her. As James and I were leaving that day, he pointed out that I handle confrontation like a man. I have never thought about it, but I guess I do. I guess it's the tomboy in me. So I told James, I don't care if they are family or not I will not put up with that type of crap towards my children.

But every mother knows if something or someone is harming your children, you do everything you can to stop it and " protect your young." So for the past two years, we don't speak to each other. Which is fine with me, since I really don't like the chick. I think I have had it out with just about every female in James' family but his actual sister. I can only take so much, especially when you hurt or put down my children. I could care less if they make their comments about me, but keep my kids out of it. So James told me if I ever have the urge to say what I feel, I need to just go outside and get away from the conversation. I really do not like being around his family at all. I just can't understand why they are how they are. But I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut.

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