Friday, May 19, 2006

Knitting Crazy

I have been knitting a lot lately. So far that only thing I can knit is blankets. I am stuck on how to join stiches. Right now I am trying to knit a hat, and well it doesn't look like a hat. So I stopped knitting it and I just crocheted one. Ugh! I have been looking all over for pictures on how to do and I cant find any. The books that I do have just tell me how to do it. I'm the type of person that has to see it to get it.

As for my search, I have found a local knitting club that I have joined. Weather I will be able to go and meet these women I don't know. Since James can never tell me what he has planned after he gets off work! So I guess I will have to find and old lady around my neighborhood and make friends with her. I have asked Jean, but she doesn't know how to knit. Now if I have a crochet question she can answer it.

I have been in contact with a woman named Valerie. She is the head of Ugly Blankets for the Homeless. They make blankets, hats, scarves, and quilts for the homeless. I like the idea of making things for people that can use them. I have so many blankets that I have crocheted over the years around the house. I am glad they can go to a good use. So far I have crocheted 6 child hats, 4 baby hats, 5 adult hats, and about 3 scarves. Plus the many blankets that litter my closet. I would really like to learn how to make sweaters. So maybe by going to these functions once a month I can find someone there that can teach me.

The best teacher in the world died before she could finish showing me how to do all sorts of things with yarn. I am very thankful that Grandma taught me how to crochet and knit, and with a little help from my mom I am a crocheting crazy woman.

So for all the women who don't thank their mothers and grandmothers for teaching them how to do things, they like to hear a thank you every once in a while.

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