Saturday, May 27, 2006

Car Show Weekend

This weekend is the annual car show and swap meet. I went with James and my Father-in-law Mark. I had a great time, until my hands swelled up so bad I had to take all my rings off. I guess it was something I ate there that caused this reaction. But no bother, I saw a lot of neat cars. Mainly the guys wanted to look at car parts. I just wanted to see all the old cars and what type of engines were in them. I did see my dream car, an all black 1976 Camaro. It had black leather interior, 4 speed transmission, and a nice 350 small block engine. But I don't have 30k to spend on it, and if I did have that much money I would just buy a new car. I guess that will have to wait until I'm old and gray, and I will build it from the ground up. I do have a good start right now, I have a 350 small block engine in my garage right now. So the small part is taken care of, now it's just getting the body of the car that is the big thing. Oh some day I will have my dream car and nobody will drive it but me.

The girls had a good day to. They spent the day at Maw-maw's house. They had lots of tea party's, rode bikes and played with bubbles. Makayla even played with some rolly pollies. I think the girls like to play in the garage more than anything. The girls were so tired after playing over there, we weren't even half way out of the city before they fell asleep.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day to, I guess I will have to get their pool ready for them to swim in. I am determined to teach Makayla how to swim this summer. Oh yes she will learn how to swim. After a while the death grip, choke hold she gives you gets kind of old when we are at the beach. So I guess we will see how her swimming lessons go, and if she catches on.

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