Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh Happy Hamster!

Well Makayla and Bryanna's frogs have died. It was Devin's idea to get Makayla and Bryanna a new pet. That's right, hamsters. The bad thing is, that he didn't get a good look at the sex of the two hamsters. Either he can't tell the difference between the two or didn't care. So now I have a male and a female hamster. So guess what, yup we are going to have hamster babies! Oh Joy! I'm not going to take the male out after she has them in hopes that "nature" takes its course, in the process of elimination. But I have been reading up on them. It seems that right after she has the babies she can get pregnant again. If that is the case then, two cages it is. I was talking to James about all of this and his suggestion is to buy a snake. Yea, that's all I need is to take care of more animals. How things are going, I should open my own pet store. Now it looks like we will have hamsters for a long time. The things you do for your kids. ( that includes the grown ones to.)

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