Monday, April 10, 2006


Well Bryanna found out that I'm growing cucumbers, in my garden. She yelled " pickles!" when she saw my seed packet. So I had to tell her that I was growing cucumbers, and that they are still little seeds. Then she runs and goes and tells Makayla. So Makayla runs up to me and asks me where the pickles are. I had to tell her that I was growing cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and green peppers. So now I am growing a " Salad Garden" as Makayla puts it.

Now everyday Makayla and Bryanna ask me when the salad is going to be done. I might have to go and buy whole plants to put in the ground for them to see. So far they both have gone and looked at my starter planters to look for the sprouts. This morning Bryanna went and looked on the window sill and said " uh, nope no salad yet."

So this weekend I'm going to make a small area just for them, so they can grow flowers or vegetables. On Saturday, we are all going to go to the garden center and let them pick out what they want to grow. I know Makayla will like it a lot, but I think Bryanna will have more fun playing in the dirt than anything. When I told Makayla and Bryanna I was going to let them have their own little garden, Makayla started to sing the flower song she learned in school. When she sings that song it always makes me laugh.

This is Makayla's Flower Song.....

I'm a little seed in the ground, I like to get nice and watered.
I grow a stem and leaves, POP UP I"M A FLOWER!

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