Thursday, April 13, 2006

Basketball Fever

The girls have gotten a case of basketball fever. James loves to play basketball when it is warm outside. Every night after he gets off work, James and a few of his friends play basketball for a few hours. Now it seems that the girls have to play to. They are always bugging James to play with them. So now James wants to put a mini court in the back yard for them to play on. Since the street is very busy now, its hard to get a whole game in with out a car speeding down the street.

Last night James hooked up an extra hoop in the business parking lot, in the back for them to play on. The girls had a blast! It was getting dark, so James told them it was time to go home and get ready for bed. You would have thought he was beating them. So it looks like James is going to have to make that mini court a little faster for them to play on.

For how small Bryanna is, she is really good at making baskets. It looks like I will have a little basketball player. Makayla likes it, but she likes baseball more. Everytime we are on our way to mom's house she looks over at the baseball field and asks me if we can stay and watch them play. So maybe this summer we might take her to a Red's game. I think she will like it a lot.

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